Chocolate Brownie Trifle with Strawberries

The paleo treat is downright delectable with layers of fresh strawberries, cream, and Chocolate Brownie Cookies. This recipe uses a combination of coconut milk, vanilla and honey to create the cream. Slice the strawberries in halves or quarters and then simply add your bits of Chocolate Brownie Cookies. It’s an easy recipe to make and even sweeter to enjoy!

Servings: 6  |  Prep Time:  10 Minutes  |  Cook Time: 0 Minutes



  1. Open bottom of can of coconut milk and pour off liquid. Scoop coconut cream into large bowl and whip to consistency of whipped cream. Whip in vanilla and honey.
  2. In a clear glass, layer strawberries, cream and Thrive Tribe’s Chocolate Brownie Cookies.
  3. Serve fresh and enjoy!
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