Leave No Trace – Forest Fire Awareness

It’s officially the hottest and most dry time of the year… the time when forest fires thrive! It is more important now than ever before to make sure to be responsible & mindful while enjoying the outdoors. The organization “Leave no Trace” encourages just that. Leave no Trace is a non-profit organization that exists to educate people on their recreational impact on nature through a set of principles that promote the conservation of the outdoors

Our parent company, 1908 Brands, supports this organization and wants to remind you to leave the outdoors just how you found it! We only have one planet and we all must do our part to prevent the devastation of our lands, homes, lives, and more. Luckily, we have some fun and clean ways to have a fun time outdoors without risking the sparking any flames. But first, some stats and facts…

Hiking, Biking, Camping, etc. are amazing ways to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with friends & family. However, it is imperative to realize the implications of leaving behind trash or starting a campfire. In fact, people cause around 90% of wildfires nationwide: campfires unattended, burning debris, cigarettes, or other acts of arson.

From January 1st to July 25th  2018 there havebeen a whopping 36,141 wildfires in the United States covering nearly four million acres. Year to year these numbers rise as lands become more populated and as the climate changes.

Some ways that we can reduce the amount of human-caused wildfires start with simply leaving no trace when spending time outdoors. Don’t leave trash, campfires, or debris of any sort… which can be easier than you may think! For example, instead of making a fire while out camping you could play a card game, star gaze, bird watch, play hide-and-seek, play a sport, or anything else that doesn’t involve flames!

When hiking, biking, or adventuring of any sort make sure to clean up your food and keep track of all of your belongings. With spending time in the wilderness comes responsibility and an active appreciation for the world around us!

We all have to do our part to maintain our planet & to stop the amount of extremely harmful and detrimental wildfires both nationwide and worldwide. There are countless activities that don’t risk the chance of sparking flames and we hope that you put thought into how you spend your time outdoors!

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