Hiking Tips for Every Level!

Hiking is an amazing way to get outside, get active, and to get out of your comfort zone! Studies show that hiking offers an array of mental and physical benefits aside from the benefits that your standard “going to the gym” workout gives you. Your adventure should be filled with fun, beautiful sceneries, and action and we hope these

8 tips help you achieve just that!

  1. Choose the Right Trail for your fitness level  

Always figure out how long the hike will take you and what the elevation/incline is on the trail. Remember, be ambitious with your adventure but not overconfident!                   

2. Fuel Your Adventure! 

Possibly the most important part of hiking… what you will eat before, during, and after a long day on the trails! We have many suggestions that will give you enough energy to fuel your entire hike. Some of our favorites include our Thrive Tribe MegaFood bars which are easy to pack with you and are great for that mid-hike snack. Our Thrive Tribe Bites which are delicious, easy to carry, and have the ingredients to keep you energized and fueled all day long. Best of all… both of these products are paleo friendly, gluten-free, vegan, and delicious! What’s not to love?

3. Research the Trail beforehand

You never know what sort of obstacles you will have to deal with once you start your hike so it’s smart to check if the trail is closed, if it’s under renovation, or if it has changed in any way. This will save the time, energy, and a potential dangerous situation!

4. Dress for Success & Keep it light 

Face it… no one likes to be freezing outdoors for long periods of time because they either forgot proper attire or because they didn’t check the weather. We suggest that you dress according to the weather, time of day, and hike you plan on taking for a comfortable and successful adventure. On the other hand, don’t pack your whole closet because you don’t want to have to carry all that gear up a mountain!

5. Leave no trace

Make sure that after you eat your snack of choice that you clean up all of your remains. We wouldn’t want other animals eating food that they aren’t used to and we wouldn’t want to damage our beautiful trails! We only have one planet and we all need to do our part to keep it clean!

6. Document your trip

It’s always fun to look back on all of the adventures you have gone to see where you want to adventure to next.  Documenting memorable life moments with your friend, family, or even just your solo adventure will leave you excited to find more beautiful trails and to look back on your adventure of a lifetime.

7. Stay Hydrated

  If there is one thing that you should bring a lot of on your hike… it’s water!

8. Have fun!!! 

Bring a loved one, friend, or furry friend with you on your adventure! The world is yours to go explore!


Let us know what your Thrive Tribe snack of choice is for your adventure, and send us your adventure pictures (via email, messenger, or Instagram dm) for a chance to be featured on our Instagram/Facebook!

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