Paleo Snack Bars Boosted with Megafood!


Have you heard the lowdown on these awesome bars?!  We’ve got the fun video above for all you visual learners.

We partnered with the amazing folks over at Megafood to create these Paleo Snack Bars packed with fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs, botanicals, and vitamins. Each bar is tailored to bring you the perfect boost for your needs.  Dark Espresso is boosted with Daily Energy, Cranberry Cashew with Daily Purify, Chocolate Almond with Daily Turmeric, and Apricot Pecan with Daily C Protect.

If you’re feeling groggy, snag a Dark Espresso– it has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee and is packed with botanical energizers like green tea leaf, ashwaganda, and bacopa root. If you’re fighting a cold (or know someone who is), grab an Apricot Pecan to keep your immune system strong and fueled with Vitamin C from whole oranges. When you’re in serious need of a detox, you need the Cranberry Cashew bar.  It has artichoke leaf, cabbage, and reishi mushrooms working hard to purify your body and flush toxins.  Last but not least.. the Chocolate Almond bar is a great everyday snack thanks to Daily Turmeric boost.  Turmeric is all the rage theses days, but it totally deserves all the hype.  It’s great for your health and helps to reduce inflammation in your bod.

Long story short, our new Paleo Snack Bars are packed with wholesome goodness and superfoods.. and we can’t forget… they’re DELICIOUS. Whether you’re headed to work, going on a hike, or relaxing at home, it’s an amazing snack that won’t leave you hungry hangry.  Do your body a favor and a flavor- give it the bar it needs!

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Tell us your favorite flavor when when you like to enjoy it in the comments!

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