Why we’re a Paleo friendly snack

When we formulated Thrive Tribe, we wanted a paleo friendly snack that was made from organic ingredients, certified gluten-free, free of grains, and compliant with the Paleo Challenge guidelines. We did all of that, and more. But we knew there’s no such thing as perfectly Paleo- that’s why we are a paleo friendly snack.

paleo friendly snack

The fact is, our ancestors didn’t drive to their local health food store and shop for packaged grain-free snacks. They ate mostly leafy greens, raw meat (including all the organs and stuff), and they supplemented their diets with berries, nuts, roots and grubs. So let’s get real: there’s just no perfectly Paleo packaged snack.

Having said that, we’re pretty darn close. Here’s why:

  • We make our bites from whole fruits, nuts, seeds and coconut (no grains, dairy or legumes), and bake them at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients.
  • We don’t use agave—it’s highly processed, high in fructose, and Paleo folk could never have produced it—but we do use unfiltered honey, just like it came from the hive; it’s the only unprocessed sweetener we know of that was used in ancient times. And unlike agave, sugar and other highly processed and refined sweeteners, honey is rich in healing compounds.
  • We stick to organic ingredients, and add superfoods like chia, hemp and cacao; our ancestors probably didn’t, but we think they’d forgive us the transgression.
  • We use whole nuts and seeds in their natural form, instead of grinding them into flour (nut flours are notorious for causing digestive problems!)
  • We avoid all animal products, including eggs; while our Paleo ancestors did eat animal foods, we want our modern vegetarian friends to enjoy grain-free goodness as well!

For more information on the Paleo diet, read About Paleo. For grain-free, Paleo recipes, check out our blog. And find our Paleo friendly, grain-free goodies at retail outlets, or order online. Yep, it’s true: Grok couldn’t have. But like we said: no one’s perfect.

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