Paleo Snack Bars Boosted with MegaFood

We partnered with MegaFood  to bring you paleo snack bars boosted with daily vitamins and supplements, bringing whole food nutrients and daily botanical supplements together for the ultimate nutrition and snack bar. Get to know each bar, the unique supplements, and how they can help you thrive!

Dark Espresso boosted with Daily Energy
These paleo snack bars feature FoodState B12 and Chromium, plus new FoodState Farm Fresh Beet Root with additional
energizing botanicals to promote energy levels and maintain already healthy blood sugar levels.

  • Promotes sustained energy throughout the day*
  • Maintains already healthy blood sugar metabolism*
  • Fuels physical activity, mental clarity and focus, without stimulants*


Dark Espresso Paleo Snack Bars













Chocolate Almond boosted with Daily Turmeric

These paleo snack bars feature turmeric, black cherry and black pepper with FoodState Orange Vitamin C to support healthy whole body inflammation response and recovery from exercise and stress.

  • Supports the health of cells and tissues prior to or after workout or physical activity* -Promotes healthy aging and well-being*
  • Helps maintain a healthy response to mental or physical stress*
  • Supports healthy whole body inflammation response*

Chocolate Almond Paleo Snack Bars












Cranberry Cashew boosted with Daily Purify
These paleo snack bars feature cleansing foods, burdock root, dandelion root and artichoke with FoodState Farm Fresh Fruit Phenolic Blend and reishi mushroom to support liver health and removal of toxins from the body.*

  • Promotes the body’s natural detoxification processes*
  • Supports liver health and function*Helps maintain a radiant and clear complexion*
  • Supports well-being and vitality*


Cranberry Cashew Paleo Snack Bars












Apricot Pecan boosted with Daily C-Protect

These paleo snack bars feature FoodState Vitamin C and FoodState Farm Fresh Fruit Phenolic

  • Nourishes immune system naturally*
  • Fuels a healthy response to stress*

Delivers a range of bioflavonoids + powerful immunal enhancing herbs to support body defenses*

Apricot Pecan Paleo Snack Bars







All four bars will be available on Amazon soon, stay tuned. Tell us which bar sounds the yummiest to you in the comments!


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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