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Cranberry Cashew Paleo Snack Bar

Paleo Snack Bars Boosted with MegaFood

We partnered with MegaFood  to bring you paleo snack bars boosted with daily vitamins and supplements, bringing whole food nutrients and daily botanical supplements together for the ultimate nutrition and snack bar. Get to know each bar, the unique supplements, and how they can help you thrive! Dark Espresso boosted with Daily Energy These paleo snack bars […]

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Semolina Porridge

Semolina Porridge with Berry Compote

One of our favorite food bloggers, Atara Bernstein, cooked up this tasty semolina porridge with Berry Compote and Thrive Tribe Apricot Pecan Bites.  Use quinoa or chia seeds instead for a gluten-free or grain-free alternative!  It’s so cozy for a snowy morning and gives you the energy to take on any day. In the words of Atara… […]

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Paleo Muffins

Cherry-Vanilla Paleo Muffins

Best breakfast ever: high-protein paleo muffins that make great use of almonds and chia seeds. We used tart, unsweetened cherries for ours, but if you can find fruit-sweetened varieites, all the better. Add pecans for more texture, or chopped pistachios for a burst of vibrant color. Makes 12 muffins 1 1/4 cups almond flour 1/3 cup […]

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Paleo Baked Cabbage Rolls

Paleo Baked Cabbage Rolls with Smoked Paprika Tomato Sauce

Paleo Baked Cabbage Rolls with Smoked Paprika Tomato Sauce are filled with a delicious veggie blend.  Mushrooms and walnuts stand in for meat in this cancer-fighting, vegan meal. For a fresh and light take, prepare rolls as directed, but skip the tomato sauce. Instead, whisk together 1/2 cup Dijon mustard, 1/4 cup agave and 1 tablespoon each walnut oil and […]

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Raw Paleo Truffles

Raw Paleo Truffles – Chocolate Mint

The best date ever: Raw Paleo truffles made with nuts and seeds, and sweetened only with Medjool dates. These better-than-candy treats are easy to make, rich and satisfying. Experiment with variations: try leaving out the mint and swapping hazelnuts for the cashews; dredge the finished truffles in ground hazelnut for a Nutella-like treat. Or add […]

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